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By Vicki - Mar 2, 2018

“What if it rains?”

“Well, you get wet.”

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We read that quote somewhere before our trip. It’s funny because it’s so true. You can plan and get prepared for all kinds of different scenarios. You can buy expensive rain jackets, fenders for your bike, and rainproof shoes. But after riding in the pouring rain, you will get wet.

Before this trip, I worried about many things. For example, what happens when there is no bike path and we have to ride on a busy road? What if we can not find a place to stay in the mountains of Laos? What happens when we can not find an ATM? What if we get sick or food poisoned? What if we can not find bike boxes to pack our bikes? How are we going to get to the airport with all our luggage? There are so many more… SO HOW DO YOU GET YOURSELF PREPARED FOR ALL OF THIS?

Well, you don’t. Everything you can think of might all happen and even things you cannot think of will also happen. The thing is, we often complicate things more than we think. And we underestimate our abilities.

If there is no bike path, ride carefully on the road! Can not find a place to stay? Keep riding or ask the locals. Can not speak their language? Draw pictures, point at things or use your hands to communicate. Got sick? Suck it up for a few days or take some medicine or go to the ER! Scared of dogs? Suck it up and let them eat your leg… or have Andrew with you.

Traveling to a new place will always give you different challenges and open up things you are not familiar or even uncomfortable with! But this is the beauty of travelling, you will learn more about yourself and learn to not worry and let life take over a bit sometimes. Plus, there’s always the internet to help out!

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