Andrew's Favorite Pictures from England

By Andrew O'Neill - Mar 17, 2018

We have taken thousands of photos while travelling. These are my favorites from England.

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mossy cottages

This is a picture from the morning after our first day on the road. We stayed at a Hostel in a very small village. This was the view from a bridge that crossed into the neighboring village.

drunk gargoyle eating gargoyle

Oxford was really beautiful. We went into many of the Universities in the city. The gargoyles on the buildings are really unique. These two were my favorites. I like the expressions on their face.

Vicki’s Palace

When we rode out of Oxford we stopped at Blenheim Palace. The palace is incredible, and the gardens are lush and elegant. We wandered around here for quite a while. After visiting the rose gardens, Vicki sat here claimed the palace hers.

Campsite sunset

One of the great things about camping is you usually can watch the sunset. This photo was taken while we were walking back from a pub. It also happened to be a lucky exposure number 777.

stone wall sensible stone wall silly

We were riding down a small back road when we came across these stone walls separating the pastures. The grassy meadows and rolling hills are so beautiful in Cotswolds. I climbed through some thick brush to place the camera on the opposing wall. Then, I ran back and posed for a few shots. These two were my favorite. One sensible, one silly. For some reason, I am much more fond of the pictures with our bikes in them.

Vicki and tower

We stayed two nights at a newer campground and did a day trip to some of the surrounding areas. This tower was one of our stops. It was pretty hot that day so we ate an ice cream cone under a tree near the tower. I pulled out the camera to take some photos. Vicki went and posed in front of the tower. Those photos turned out pretty nice, but this one is by far the best (and my favorite photo from England). After Vicki had posed for a few shots I took this when she turned around to view the tower.

Feeding sheep

The campground we stayed at was known for it’s variety of sheep. We bought a bag of grass pellets from the shop when we first arrived, but ended up not using it. We didn’t want to carry it in our bags so we gave the sheep an early breakfast. They were timid at first but after they realized we had food they went crazy. Their eyes are kind of alien looking. I’m not sure if these were a special breed or just normal sheep.

Vicki riding in a field 1 Vicki riding in a field 2

After leaving Scotland we rode south to York. We took a shortcut through a military test site. Luckily they weren’t testing anything that we could notice. Riding through this dirt trail was pretty tough. My wrists were pretty sore afterwards. To my surprise the bikes held up fine through the bumps. My faith in them was pretty low since Vicki’s back rack snapped at the weld while riding on a smooth paved road a day or so earlier. This path was along the ocean but I cut it from the picture to show more of the path. You can see it in the fullsize photo.

a castle

By this point we had seen tons of castles. The route we were following is called Coast and Castles. Many of the castles have that cool medieval look, and were in much better condition than this one. I like this photo the most because there are no other buildings around. Most castles were in towns surrounded by cars, and tourist stuff. This one I feel like I’m looking at the castle 300 years ago.

bikes under bridge

On bikes you can pretty much park anywhere so we parked in the moat of this castle under the drawbridge. We were planning on going in this castle, until we saw the entrance fee.

big ben

I was hoping to get a great picture of an iconic London building. This is the best one I managed to get. Many were crowded with other tourists, or only visible through gates. I wish I had gotten the top of the tower in the photo.

pig sticks

This is a fun one. After sitting at Kings cross for a few hours we started to go a little crazy. We bought some “pig sticks” at the shop near us and did our best French impressions.

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